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Philosophy & Principles
DCSI is guided by a philosophy based on certain core values, perhaps best summarized by the Golden Rule - "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".
Our principles include:

Integrity – Steadfast adherence to a strict moral code, with     conduct that is not deceptive or misleading.
Commitment – The state of being bound emotionally or     intellectually to a course of action or person.
Professionalism – Conduct activities in a manner that     reflects favorably on the profession.
Growth & Development – Improvement by means of     refinement and expansion.
Loyalty – Dedicated service to our clients and protection of     client interest while performing assignments.
Equal Opportunity – Support of equal opportunity in     employment and objective evaluation of all qualified     candidates.
Optimizing rather than maximizing our financial success.
Doing the right things for the right reasons with the major     emphasis being on long term effects.